Welcome to Lena Life

Hello, my name is Winston. I started this business for two reasons - firstly to honour my mother, Lena Baker, who sadly passed away. Mother believed that everyone should have three things in life - health, wealth, and happiness. When my mother was laid to rest, I started my own company promoting health lifestyle, vitamins and minerals, skin care, cbd ,and much more. Hence, the name - WWW.LENALIFE.CO.UK

Mission Statement

At Lena Life our nutrition section of the company,  we’re thrilled to offer a comprehensive range of quality assured food supplements from trusted brands. We deliver through Europe by long-term partnerships with professional healthcare practitioners. With an equal-minded goal to support personal health, our mission is to service you as professional, client or patient with access to qualitative food supplements and high deliverability.

At Lena Life we are happy to walk the talk.


We respect and appreciate healthcare professionals who take time for their clients. Committed healthcare providers go that extra mile and make the right choices for their clients. We believe in partnerships with healthcare professionals. We are eager to take time to listen to our customers and to understand their needs. We aim to provide the highest possible quality and are driven by our passion to serve our customers and continuously improve our customer experience. We really focus on our mission, which is truly important and meaningful to us.